I use design as a way of seeing the world, rooted in empathy, questions, and experiments.

I am a design strategist curious in exploring design's ability to generate civic engagement and behavioral change. My work consists of delivering social impact and developing practical solutions to complex challenges. I thrive in the intersections of research, system thinking, and innovation to formulate strategies that are nuanced, and compelling, rooted in qualitative and quantitative research as they are in creative ideation.

I hold a Master in Transdisciplinary Design from Parsons School of Design, and a Bachelor in Graphic and Package Desgin from Palermo University of Argentina.

Currently I am completing a Certificate program in Ecology, Evolution, Environmental Biology at Columbia University. It is my purpose to develop my knowledge of conservation biology and ecology in preparation for a career as a designer for wildlife conservation and human-animal conflict reduction.

While I update my site, find me on LinkedIn.


REFRAME and visualize the broader context to introduce new concepts and methods to discover innovative opportunities.

CONNECT and motivate people to be active partners. Involve them with respect and equality at every stage of a project, and empower communities to practice human-centered design.


Project Management / Critical reframing / Systems thinking / Human-Centered Design / Interdisciplinary Research / Service Design / Prototyping / Futuring & Speculative Design / Co-Creation / Workshop facilitation / Creative & Art Direction / Storytelling / Data Visualization / Branding / llustration / Digital and Printed Material / Video Editing